Hamidiye Academy


The primary academic objective of the school is to provide students with a curriculum that will give them the opportunity to work to their highest potentials and achieve academic excellence and to also introduce and instill the main teachings of Islam.  The children will be guided in their ability to interact respectfully with both adults and peers. They will be encouraged to accept responsibility for their own actions and decisions.
The curriculum for each grade level will include all subject areas with emphasis on English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Islamic Studies.  Electives will be Science, Social Studies, and Art.  Physical education class will also be taught.  The Science curriculum will be composed of the study of Earth, life and physical sciences, and health.  Social Studies will include major themes which reflect our study of the environment and our cultures and societies. The goal is to give students the opportunity to learn about themselves and the world around them through a study of their families, communities, different countries, as well as current and historical events.

Hamidiye Academy will in general adhere to the subject areas outlined by the New York State Educational Standards.

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