Hamidiye Academy


Mission Statement

Many of us have witnessed the limitations of the current public educational options for our children. Due to the ever increasing cutbacks in funding for public school systems, we see children that are unable to realize their full academic potential. Large classroom sizes and educational materials that are not individualized have led to the development of numerous non-public educational alternatives.

It is with that belief that Hamidiye Academy was formed in the city of Rochester, New York for educational purposes especially focused on blending Islamic values of discipline, compassion, honesty, respect and tolerance, with secular subjects such as Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. One of the most important focus areas for the school is small class sizes so that the students get the one-on-one attention they deserve and which is sorely missing in large class settings in the over-crowded public schools. Students are shown how to establish good study habits and discipline in an environment that encourages and rewards excellence. Hamidiye Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to its students so they have the opportunity to work to their highest potentials and achieve academic excellence.

At Hamidiye Academy, we respect and are inspired by the success private schools of other religious denominations have had in instilling their respective values into students. However, these kinds of opportunities are lacking for many Muslim families that live in the Greater Rochester, New York community. Many Muslim families would like to see their children grow up to be model citizens of their communities who excel both in secular subjects and go on to become pillars of society while standing upon the concrete foundation provided by a strong religious education that emphasizes core Islamic values.

Hamidiye Academy is affiliated with and works closely with the Islamic Culture Center of Rochester (ICCR), an institution that has served the community for more than ten years. ICCR provides the school with the spiritual and religious guidance necessary to adhere to the Islamic principles. Hamidiye Academy’s teachers are highly qualified as well as passionate and devoted individuals who are well-versed in their subjects and have the proper certifications to teach their respective grade levels. Teachers are given the opportunity to practice their love of teaching in a low student to teacher ratio environment. This helps the teachers to personally guide and mentor the students.

Since the school is non-profit, all the tuition money collected will be invested into the school and any further donations from the community will also be used to further build-upon the foundation we have already laid.

The Hamidiye Academy Board of Directors has five individuals who oversee the running of the school in concert with the principal. On the Board are individuals from the Muslim community of Rochester who are Doctors, Engineers, and Financial Analysts. The Board’s duty is to make sure the school is run according to the principles laid out in the Mission Statement and to make sure the vision set-forth comes to fruition.

It is our strong belief that by promoting true Islamic values of discipline, compassion, honesty, respect and tolerance while teaching secular subjects, we will see a new generation of Muslims that will contribute to the fabric of American society in many positive ways.

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